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3 Steps To Make Your WeighI know everyone is looking for one BIG weight loss fix-maybe a new herb, magic combination of exercises, or new ratio of fat:carb:protein. This BIG weight loss fix goes beyond that. It requires you to think big. Like, really big.

Well, what the heck does that mean?

I want you to think beyond yourself for a moment. What is going on in the world right now?

  • There are people who are hungry and homeless. 
  • There are people who are missing limbs
  • There are people who are living in war-zones
  • There are people without access to clean water and sanitation
  • There are people without access to education

Now, that I have thoroughly killed your buzz, you are probably asking what does this have to do with with weight loss?


It doesn’t matter what your passion is: whether it’s protecting the environment, helping others in some way, or scrapbooking (hey, that’s helping people hold onto cherished memories!), restoring cars, etc, we need people who are out there LIVING their best lives and making a difference in the world.


Big weight loss
Healthy Bodies come in all shapes and sizes

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My “not-really-living” story

I was looking in the mirror last night, checking out the layer of fat over my abs, and thought to myself “What if we took all the energy that we women (ahem, me) spend trying to make our bodies look “better/tighter/smaller”, and focused it on figuring out how to feed hungry children. Or make sure everyone in the world has access to clean water. Or find peaceful solutions to international conflicts.”

I bet we would have that shit all figured out.

Or at least, if I stopped obsessing about those 10lbs I *think* I need to lose, I could get more programs going to help more people. You see, I’ve been falling into “When I lose ___ pounds, then I’ll _____” mind-trap.


My mission and my drive in life, is to help women get their bodies and their minds healthy ONCE AND FOR ALL, so they can go out and live a PASSIONATE, AUDACIOUS LIFE.  


And here I am thinking, “Once I lose 10 more lbs, then I really be able to help other women!”.  

In hindsight, I see that’s ridiculous. It completely ignores all the progress I’ve already made, not to mention my years of education and experience helping thousands of patients!

Writing this blog and creating the H.E.A.L. Program, has been scary as hell. I had all sorts of insecurities floating around my head, but my coach gently pushed me off a cliff and said “Do it anyway”.

I had to step outside of my “comfortable little problems” and take on a BIG problem (women being limited by their health).  It’s a lot easier to worry about my weight than to put myself, my work, and my words out *there* for the world to see, to use, and to judge. 

BUT, it has been taken me one step closer to living my passionate, audacious life AND and helping more woman. And it doesn’t matter what I weigh. I can help people with my body just like this.

Back to the one BIG weight-loss fix….

What’s your passion? What’s your best life? What haven’t you been doing because you think you need your body to look a certain way first?

Think about how you can change the world. Or at least make your life or someone else’s better. Think about a problem that’s BIGGER than yours. One that excites you to try and figure out how how to solve. (There is not right/wrong, better/worse, good/bad choice–it’s your life remember?)

And then I want you to go and start doing it. Start with one step. And then don’t stop there. And, whaaaaaaatever you do, do not wait for your body to be perfect, because you are capable and powerful-now.

That’s the one BIG weight loss fix. Pick a bigger problem and devote your time and energy solving that.  I guarantee you will be happier living a life of purpose, than one limited by the number on a scale.

Before I get hate mail….

I am not saying there is anything wrong with specific physique goals if that’s your bag, baby.

I am not saying you should stop the pursuit of better habits and optimal health or fitness.

And I am certainly NOT saying that if your weight is contributing to illness or disease you shouldn’t be trying to correct that.

However, most of the women I see in my practice

are beautiful, healthy, generous women who have

put their LIFE ON HOLD until the lose those last few pounds.



You are AWESOME right now, exactly the size and shape that you are.

One BIG weight loss fix in three easy steps

1. Pursue optimal health and your body will be however it is supposed to be. Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

2. Pick a BIG problem to solve, one that is worthy of your awesomeness, one that excites and drives you. Pursue your best, most-amazing-est life in the body you already have in this moment.

3. Get into action. Take one step. Then take another. You get the point.

Leave a comment below and let me know: What do you want your life to be about? What’s your passion?  What is one step you are taking today towards living your passionate, audacious life?

All the best, always,

Dr. Amber

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