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Today’s post comes from my friend Julie Stubblefield, owner of SparkFit, LLC and an incredibly inspirational and wise woman!

******Busy. Would you agree that we use that word a little too often?

We live in a “busy” word these days…always running here and there, with our calendars full of things we “have” to do.  We often use the word, “busy” as a way to get out of doing something we don’t really want to do.  “You want me to watch your 12 kids after school so you can get a haircut?  I’m sorry, but I’m BUSY.”  In this scenario, most of us would not have been busy, but we didn’t want to watch our friend’s 12 kids, so we were busy.  People don’t question when we are busy, so it’s a safe “reason” to not commit.  See how that works?

So let me ask you this…how busy are you?  Too busy to exercise?  Too busy to change how you eat?  Too busy to find a community of support?

In this hectic world, full of the expectation of getting things done, BUSY is our justification.  Busy is WHY we don’t do the less sexy.  Busy is HOW we cannot commit.  Busy is the WHERE, the distant, unreachable location, that keeps us from the here and now.  My challenge to you is to stop the glorification of busy.  Let’s kick that word to the curb and find a new way to look at life.

Is it ironic that we often consider our lives to be too busy to exercise or plan proper meals or to even give new thought to what we order at a restaurant, but we manage to find time to watch our shows, text a few hundred times a day, document our lives on Instagram, update our Facebook status, and read up on how busy everyone else’s lives are?  You know I could rattle off a tremendous list of all the activities we manage to do all day, every day, without putting thought into them.  And that’s most people’s justification for all these actions…they don’t require thought, they happen automatically, or out of habit.

What if we took the approach of making exercise and eating for fat loss in a way that you don’t have to think about it?  What if the notion of exercising becomes exciting because it only takes 30 minutes, and you know someone is expecting you to show up?  What if making food choices for fat loss becomes automatic because you’ve learned about how your body responds to food?

Top 10 tips to stop being BUSY:

  1. Find a community (in person or online) that will hold you accountable.
  2. Put workouts on your calendar and treat them like you would any other appointment.
  3. Practice.  Sometimes just putting on workout clothes and driving to the gym makes it less scary/overwhelming.  Next time, get out of the car and go in.
  4. Enlist a buddy, or four.  You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  If you are looking to change how you exercise and eat, choose wisely.
  5. Be a role model.  When you are making changes, allow others to ask you questions without being defensive.  Maybe they are looking to be influenced by you.
  6. Learn to say no to commitments that don’t support your goals.  This can range from turning off the TV early so you can get up and workout to telling a friend you have to meet for lunch at a place that serves food that’s fat-loss friendly.
  7. Expect to invest some time.  Yep, making changes to how you exercise and eat and how you view all of it will take some work, and it will take some time.  But if you value your health over your TV shows and life on Instagram, you will have to make the time.  And, yes, it takes time for exercise to become more second-nature, and it takes trial and error to find out how your body responds to food.
  8. Put yourself first.  This one is hard, especially if you are a mom.  We love to put ourselves last.  Exactly who does that benefit?  NO ONE!  When we put ourselves last, we don’t invest in our well-being, which keeps us from being able to care for the ones we love.  Make yourself a priority, and start small.  Start with 30 minutes a day.  You’ll thank yourself for it.
  9. Hire a coach.  This could be a business coach, a writing coach, a running coach, or a fitness and nutrition coach.  If you want to get better at something, hire the best to help you get it done.  They are in their industry for a reason…because they are great at what they do!  Hire them to show you ropes and the shortcuts to ending your busy-ness.
  10. Stop using the word, “BUSY.”  You are only as busy as you allow yourself to be.  Look at your time constraints, and use words that are appropriate, like you are unavailable, or you have a conflict.  Be specific with the words you use.  Busy is so vague.

So there’s some tough love today.  Stop being busy.  Start taking care of YOU.  Find new ways to make it happen, and stop getting caught up in being busy.  Busy is so yesterday.  Happy and healthy is the new trend.

Do you know someone who is too busy to exercise or caught up in the daily rush of life?  Do them a favor and share this post with them.  I’m sure they will thank you!

About the author: After losing 70 pounds, Julie Stubblefield opened SparkFit to help others do the same.  Focusing on a realistic approach to lifestyle management, her clients have lost thousands of inches collectively.  You can learn more about her story here.  If you would like to receive a free guide to eating for fat loss on the go, you can click here.  

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