Tiredness in women caused by a lack of coffee?                   

By Dr. Amber Golshani

Today I’m tackling one of the biggest misunderstandings about the causes of fatigue and tiredness in women. Many people assume fatigue is normal. Especially, if you aren’t caffeinated and/or maxing out on sugar, you might think it’s normal to get tired during the day. But, what are the real causes of tiredness in women (and men too)?

Tiredness in women


There is a full description of this video and it is closed captioned, but in case you missed it, there are four main reasons women get tired. If you want to BEAT your fatigue, you must

B= Balance your blood sugars

E= Eat for Energy

A= Assist your adrenal glands

T= Tune up your thryoid

As you can see tiredness in women is NOT caused by a lack of coffee, sugar or stimulants and when we use these things we may have a little more ‘false’ energy, but we are really making the problem worse. We are drawing on an empty battery, making it even harder to overcome the fatigue, increasing our want for more stimulants. To break the cycle, you must address the underlying causes of fatigue as outlined above.

For the full  “Causes of Fatigue” Report I talked about, visit www.beatyourfatigue.com.  I’ll be sending out lots of great information and helpful hints to overcome tiredness in women and increase energy.


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Tiredness in women caused by a lack of coffee-True or False?