suppements EOI talked to a patient today who is spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars every month on essential oils, designer protein powders, vitamins, herbs and other supplements.

When we went over her diet though, we found that AT MOST she was getting 5-6 different fruits and vegetables a day and they tended to be the same ones from day to day, week to week.

Here is my concern-there are hundreds of thousands nutritional compounds found in plant foods-some of them we know how they work in the body but for most of them, we don’t know exactly what they do but we know that our bodies need them.

Every cell function, glands, hormone production, brain function and organ system depends on the phytonutrients found in real, whole fruits and vegetables. If your diet is lacking in the quantity and variety of fruits and veg, then you are limited in how well your body can work and NO amount of supplements, vitamins or oils is going make up for this foundational piece.

Since my goal is to help people be healthy, not just “without symptoms”, a plant based diet is absolute must. There is no way around it. If you can’t/don’t/won’t eat more fruits, veggies, culinary herbs,spices, beans and whole grains, please ask me for ways to help-no judgement.

In the meantime, as I told my patient, let’s stop focusing on magic solutions in a bottle and invest in what we put into our mouths 3 or more times a day.

My prescription: eat more plants, less processed junk, minimal alcohol and stop bothering with all those supplements. Invest that money in the best quality fruits and veggies you can. Give me one month and compare to the results you are getting now.

Are you wasting your money or investing it into the foundation of your health?

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Supplements, essential oils and protein powders: Are you falling into this trap?