lotus-centerI am loving spring!

But it’s not just about re-birth and fresh starts.

It’s about something else. Something more important. And unless you do this one thing first, all the fresh-starts and do-overs are nothing more than icing on cat poop.

So what is spring about? What is the most important thing to do if you really want renewal, rebirth and a new life?

It’s also about letting go.  Letting go of anything that no longer serves me NOW or who I want to be/what I want in the future.



-We cannot be a confidant person if we still believe we are not good enough.

-We cannot be more vibrant and alive, we I still define ourselves by illness.

-We cannot be more patient parents if we still believe that our parents ruined us and “that’s just the way I am”.

-We cannot have peace with our bodies if we are still at war with food and have to exercise because we “ate something bad”.


We cannot move on until we LET GO.


Let go of the beliefs that hold you back. Let go of the beliefs that you are broken and that is wrong (HINT: we are all broken and it’s ok. We can still love even the broken, messy bits of us).

Let go of guilt, let go of blame, let go of the past, let go of anything that does not make you feel alive and acts in your benefit.

Its ok too, if you need to let go of clothes that are too small or too big.

It’s ok to let go of that stuff in the junk drawer, that gift you will never ever (even if your BFF gave it to you!), and any extra clutter that isn’t purposeful or brings you joy.


So instead of doing a radical nutrition detox, why not detox your home? Both your emotional home and your physical home?

What can you let go of this spring? Comment below and let me know. I love hearing from you!

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Spring: It’s not about new starts or re-birth



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