signs of hypoglycemia

Have you ever been attacked by your inner food-werewolf?

If you’ve ever been hungry, tired and cranky, irritable or angry suddenly and strongly then you probably have.

While you might think your feeling stressed-out, tired, and irritable just because its 4pm, the kids are screaming, your trying to wrap up work,and get dinner ready, these are actually signs of hypoglycemia.

These signs of hypoglycemia indicate a state of low blood sugar. This sugar floating around in your blood is your bodies fuel. When you are hypoglycemic, the cells of your body and your brain do not have enough fuel to function properly. Your cells are starving and hence you might feel like an angry beast.

For much of my 20’s, if I got hungry, you had about 4.7 seconds to get some food into my mouth or I would rip your arms off, eat them and then go back for your legs. Yeah, I was an angry beast. 🙂

Not everyone turns into an angry beast in a hypoglycemic state. Some other signs of hypoglycemia are feeling confused, dull, foggy, sleepy, cold and clammy, sweaty, pale, anxious, hot or shaky/jittery.

Signs of hypoglycemia are important to recognize because it’s sooooo easy to fix and you can feel better right away. With balanced blood sugars you’ll have smooth, sustained energy, even moods and maybe even your husbands dirty socks on the kitchen counter will become less annoying. Maybe.

Correcting the signs of hypoglycemia can help you prevent further deterioration of your blood sugar regulation. Hypoglycemia often lead to diabetes. Drugs, injections, amputations, heart disease-diabetes is not my idea of a good time.

Luckily, once your recognize signs of hypoglycemia it is easy to reverse and prevent hypoglycemic states from happening.

Watch the video to learn the signs of hypoglycemia and what to do about it.

Then try out a Fatigue-Proof Breakfast and then comment below and let me know how you are doing! I would love to hear from you!

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Signs of Hypoglycemia OR How to avoid Food-Werewolf Attacks



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