Rhodiola rosea

We’ve talked about ashwagandha and licorice. Now we can move on to Rhodiola. It’s another adaptogenic herb -meaning that it helps the body combat and handle stress better.

Rhodiola is a bit more stimulating that ashwagandha (which is used more for the person who is wired but tired or has more nervousness). Rhodiola can help improve energy, endurance and stamina, mood and mental clarity. It’s a potent antioxidant-meaning it quenches free radicals which cause aging and can damage cells.

I have used it to help those with physical and mental stress and fatigue. It can also help with mood and memory and even help learning. Interestingly enough, it can help with hypoxia (low oxygen) in high altitudes and has helped me adjust to living in the mile-high state!

In combination with other herbs it can even help with low libido and menopause. Roar! It is more cooling to neutral in nature, so could be good for people who get overheated or hot-flashes.  If you are already a chilly person, you might fare better with a warming adaptogen like ginger.

**NOTE** In certain individuals Rhodiola can increase anxiety if you are already prone to it.

You can buy it in powdered form, capsules, tinctures–singly or in a blend with other herbs. I usually recommend blends of adaptogens and not to take one singly. I love to buy powdered adaptogens and add them to smoothies or make hot cocoa with them. I get mine from here.

In the past few days, I’ve posted about ashwagandha, licorice and rhodiola. Which do you think fits you best?

UPDATE– I saw a friend who read this post on facebook when I originally posted it. She said based on my description of Rhodiola helping with mood and fatigue, she tried it and noticed a huge difference right away! Yay!
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