sexy devil on pancakesDo you have complete freedom around food? Or do thoughts of food/whats healthy/what is fattening control you? Do you still find yourself binging on foods you wish you wouldn’t?
For most women on the diet-weight gain cycle, we have some concept or ideas about foods that are good and/or bad for us. Many of us exhibit amazing will-power all day, only to binge at night. Or maybe you can make a whole week without your “cheat” foods but come the weekend, you’re neck deep in a bag of Cheetos, pounding beers and chasing them with brownies.
So many women ask me “How can I stop binging? I’d be so good, if it weren’t for the nightly eat-a-thon!”
The answer is really simple: stop judging food.
Stop making some food bad/dirty and some good/clean. Stop making yourself good or bad depending on what you eat. Legalize ALL food.
During the re-introduction phase (legalization) of previously “off-limit” foods, women often find themselves eating lots and lots of food. When I went through this phase, I ate soft, warm tortillas with butter till I had burning indigestion and nausea, dozens of pancakes, salted caramel ice cream by the pint.
For a while I thought I might never stop. That I would continue to eat and eat and gain and gain. I didn’t see how this would stop my binge-ing. It felt like more binge-ing.
But I didn’t binge forever. 
Eventually my pendulum swung from the extremes “restriction” to “eating to excess/pain” and settled somewhere in the middle. Balance. Moderation.
I found myself equally wanting vegetables and ice cream. But the difference was both choices were morally neutral and I could take or leave either. Food became just food.
This was the point I had being trying to get to all along but couldn’t using force, willpower, or control over food. I got there by letting go of control, surrender and TRUSTING that my body knew what was good for me. All I had to do was re-learn to listen to my bodies signals.
If you take all the stigma, the moralization of food (its bad/fattening/too high in carbs/sugar/fat/it’s unhealthy/it’s not “clean”), food becomes just food. AND IT NO LONGER HAS A HOLD ON YOU.  
If you want a bagel for breakfast and you actually allow yourself to eat it and enjoy it, you are less likely to want to eat 10 bagels later that night. If you didn’t feel shame/bad/guilty for eating a whole bag of salt and vinegar chips, you probably wouldn’t.
The one step you need to stop binging is to allow yourself to eat what you want; allow 100% shame-free legalization and enjoyment of all food. 
eat the food tina
Are you ready to try something different? Eat the food. Legalize it all. After all, 95% of all dieters regain the weight (and more) so the outcome of either path is just about the same weight-wise, but dieting is hell.  Take the path less travelled.
Are you ready?
Dr Amber
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One Step to Stop Binging