unconditionalloveIt’s taken me years to get here but I can finally say: I love myself. Unconditionally.


And it’s my mission to help all women find this truth for themselves because after working with women for the last 10+ years, I know most of you don’t love yourselves. Even a little bit. 


If I ask a women to list three of the things they are proud about themselves and the stare at me blankly.

Ask a woman to list three of her faults and I have to stop her when she gets to number 10.


We have lead small, unsure, scared lives. 

Scared to say what we really mean.

Scared to wear what we really want to wear.

Scared to piss someone else off by speaking our truth.

Scared to gain weight.

Scared to show signs of age.

Scared to create because someone else might not like it.

Scared to try something new because we might fail.

Scared to feel our rage, our sadness, our disappointment.

Scared to let our lights shine for fear of someone else seeing their own shadow.


When unconditional love came into my life, all those things disappeared. Why?


Unconditional love for myself meant that no matter what I did,

what I said,

how I looked,

or how I felt,

the truth I finally GOT in my heart (not just in my head),

is that I am enough, simply as I am. 


Loving myself unconditionally doesn’t mean that I am perfect. It doesn’t mean that I’m all sunshine and roses all the time or that I never get angry or that I think my body is “hot” every time I look in the mirror. Unconditional love means that I love myself despite all the imperfections, the rages, the rolls, the failures, the gray hairs and the fears.

chloe and me silly smile


I don’t go around saying “Oh I love it when I yell at my kids” or “I love it when I can’t button my pants”, but loving myself means that I have compassion for my faults and I love myself anyway.


I recognize and honor my human-ness.


I am worthy of love, compassion, happiness, joy and grace. Here and now. Not 1olbs from now. Not once I learn to meditate. Not when my wesbite is re-done. Here. Now. Imperfect. Flawed. Messy.


Women, the world needs our feminine wisdom, compassion, ideas and light. If we are stuck in the never ending cycle of “working on ourselves”, trying to fix our perceived brokenness, we rob the world of our gifts.  And look around. The world has enough hate.  The only way out is LOVE.  Join the #unconditionallove movement. 


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