Life is like a box of chocolates and health is like a savings account.



When you bank, you can either make deposits or withdraws. Hopefully you are putting more IN your savings account than you are taking out. The more you have in your account, the better you can handle normal expenses and withdraws. If you make more withdraws than deposits though, you will go into the negative, bounce checks, be unable to pay bills and suffer financial consequences. You will have no reserve left to buffer any unexpected expenses and may end up sleeping in your car, lol.


We can equate health to this savings account. You can make deposits of healthy behaviors like eating whole, real food, exercising, getting sufficient sleep, finding ways to handle stress, using herbs and homeopathy to heal and strengthen your body when you do get sick, etc.

You can also make withdraws– staying up late and lack of sleep, eating “food-like substances” devoid of nutrition, drinking alcohol, smoking, sitting and sedentary behaviors will all deplete your health account.



If you consistently make deposits, you can handle an occasional withdraw of a late night, or glass of wine without major consequences. However, if you regularly make withdraws without deposits, you will eventually start bouncing checks and your health will suffer.  This is how chronic diseases like high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc start. They are the results of a years and years of over-spending and withdraws from your health-account.


Your bank account is in constant flux just as the state of your health is. This is a good thing because we have the power to change it by changing the things we do every day.




So what is it going to be today? Can you do one NEW thing to add to your health account?

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Banking on health