thumbs up croppedNatural remedies to boost self-confidence? Yeah, they exist.

But it’s not what you think. It’s not a magic pill that you take once and never have self-doubts again. It won’t make your world all sunshine and roses.

Like all modalities of Naturopathic Medicine, whether an herb, a vitamin, a homeopathic remedy or acupuncture needle, the goal is to increase the normal, harmonious state of health that already resides in you.

You notice I didn’t say “these remedies treat depression.” Nope, Naturopathic Medicine does not treat diseases. Instead we believe that by giving the body what it needs (food, nutrients, sleep, play, exercise, etc), removing obstacles that would prevent cure (toxic mold exposures, infections, food sensitivities, etc), and applying a little push in the right direction, the body can begin to heal itself.

While many doctors may say “Once your eczema/high blood pressure/diabetes/anxiety is cured (or at least managed), then you will be healthy”, I say “When you are healthy, your eczema/high blood pressure/diabetes/anxiety will be cured” because healthy bodies don’t produce those sort of symptoms in the first place.  As we increase the healthy state of your body, the state of dis-ease begins to lessen.


“I’m not good enough”

Low self-esteem is a sign of imbalance, a lack of health in some area. I think for most of us, it’s a learned behavior. Maybe from our parents, school bullies, or society at large who constantly send us messages of how to improve and fix ourselves, it’s quite common to feel not-good-enough.

Anytime we are faced with a uncomfortable situation, we have a learned response. For me, if a friend didn’t call me back, for example, I would start to think “I’m not important. What did I do wrong?”.  I would blame myself and question my worthiness as a friend.

It seems to happen instantly, but those “automatic” thoughts are the result of choices we have made over and over again so that they have become an instantaneous response to a trigger. We can choose a different response, but the problem is that responding in a self-denigrating way happens so quickly we often don’t have time to choose until the choice is already made.  I use the Catch and Release technique to bring mindfullness and awareness to my thoughts so that I can start to change them.  Once you can recognize the thoughts as they are happening, you can release them and replace with a more affirmative thought. Eventually, you get so good at the positive affirmations, they begin to happen just as instantly as the self-berating thoughts once did.

But breaking the cycle is hard. It takes time. It takes practice. It takes patience.

And homeopathy can help.


How to Break the Cycle

Homeopathy is my fav. If you aren’t familiar with homeopathy, it is a specific holistic approach (different than herbs or vitamins), that uses small doses of substances to provoke your bodies innate healing response.  The remedy doesn’t heal, it causes your body and mind to heal itself thus it is one of the gentlest, yet most effective healing methods I have ever studied.

I love homeopathy. It works in a subtle way to propel our bodies and minds into balance. It has allowed me and thousands of my patients to transcend their thoughts and feelings–to not get so stuck in them that we don’t even know we are having them.

When I am reacting to a remedy, I can say “Oh, wow, I am really angry right now” instead of just raging around destroying everything and everyone who gets in my way.

Or saying “I’m so lonely, I should call a friend” instead of eating a whole bag of chips.  This emotional awareness is key in my “Catch and Release” technique that I teach. And homeopathy helps you recognize the emotions and choose a better response.

Which remedy is right for you? Only a professional can really say. Why? For one, there are thousands of remedies to choose from. Getting the right remedy is like finding the right key for a lock. If you use the wrong remedy, you wont notice any change. And 2) it’s so hard to see ourselves objectively and clearly. And in order to make this work, we’ve got to be as honest as possible and be able to follow up in a precise and consistent way.

I have gone ahead and put together this little list of 3 remedies I often use when someone is looking a boost to their self-confidence. You might see yourself here in one of them.

3 remedies to boost self confidence


1. Calcarea carbonica- Patients who need Calc-carb (as it is abbreviated) have low self-confidence many times as a result of poor memory, slow comprehension, difficulty concentrating and confusion. They don’t trust their own thoughts or themselves. They are really afraid someone will find out just how confused they are mentally and think they are crazy. They tend to feel very sluggish, have low energy, and are pessimistic about the future. They tend to self-pity and feel powerless.

2. Lycopodium clavatum- Lycopodium patients are very concerned about what other people think of them. They have low self-confidence and tend to beat themselves up (I’m stupid!). They doubt their ability to handle situations and fear taking responsibility. They will want to run away from the situation. Externally they may appear to be very confident, even domineering to people they feel are below them, but inside they constantly doubt themselves. Their fears and anxieties almost always cause some sort of gastrointestinal upset.

3. Silicea- It is often said that patients who need Silicea have a lack of “grit”. You will find someone who is very yielding, always bending over to accommodate others even if it means harm to themselves. They can appear timid and are easily influenced by others. They lack a strength of will, to stand up for themselves or to speak their truth. Even though they may be very intelligent, they lack the fortitude to stand behind their convictions. Their lack of “grit” emotionally and mentally can also carry over to the physical and you will find someone who is very tired.


Do you see yourself in any of these descriptions? Maybe a little bit in all three? Make an appointment or talk to a professional and see if homeopathy can help you boost your confidence. It has worked for me and my patients!

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3 Natural Remedies to Boost Self-Confidence



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