Tell me if I got this right:  You love your life. You love your family. You *LOVE* your work and/or have a strong sense of purpose.  You love what you do so much that maybe,  by the time you get around to taking care of yourself, you have no love left to give.  

You want:

  • more sustained energy, more sex, more living
  • to resolve health issues naturally without drugs
  • to love your body and be free from obsessing about food
  • to develop tools to build self-confidence and self-love
  • to find some balance and time to take care of yourself

I know what you want because I WANT IT TOO. I have been through every single bullet point above and in learning to help myself, I have helped my patients. You can learn more about my story here and here.

Please take a looksie around my site-read the blog for natural medicine recipes, insights into binge-eating, fatigue, and weight loss . These links take you to some of my most popular articles, but their are more.

Get my free “Three “healthy” things to STOP doing to be free from food obsession” guide by signing up here. And if you are ready to be free from your health problems forever, email me for an application at info@drambergolshani.com.

I want this!

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